For Parents

We meet young men at the turning point.

A Fraternity Centered on Christ

Young men face many challenges today.

BYX helps your son(s) faithfully and courageously navigate social and societal pressures throughout college with fellow men of faith by their side.

College is a turning point for young men, especially in regard to their faith journey.

The vast majority of parents like you say they’re concerned about their children staying true to their faith and forging meaningful relationships with peers in college. BYX provides a positive platform for your son to do both — through college and everywhere God calls him. (Barna Group, 2022) 

Young men who are actively engaged in their faith earn better grades and are more likely to graduate college. They’re also happier and more active in their communities after college. (Review of Religious Research, 2020; Pew Research Center, 2019) 

2 in 3 teens

stop going to church between the ages of 18 and 22. The top reason they say they stopped attending is because they moved away to college. (Lifeway Research, 2017).

From high school to the end of college, the percentage of young people who say they’re committed to following Jesus drops by half. (Barna Group, February 2022).

Parent FAQs

Many parents have a picture of what fraternity life is like; that’s not BYX.

Think of BYX as a college fraternity where every member has a testimony of loving the Lord Jesus Christ and sets himself to the highest standard of integrity and authenticity.

BYX is a national fraternity and member of the North American Interfraternity Council (IFC), nearing 3,000 members on close to 40 college campuses nationwide. And we are growing.

What makes BYX unique from other fraternities is our shared belief in Jesus Christ and desire to build lifelong friendships with other men based on that common bond.

BYX shares all the great social benefits of other fraternities — like events, parties and a platform for your son to begin lifelong friendships — we do so at a  high level of integrity, without the influence of alcohol or other substances. 

Most BYX chapters consistently have the highest GPA of all fraternities on their respective campuses and receive numerous campus awards. Members are involved and making an impact everywhere on campus, from student government and homecoming court to academic honor societies. 

Parents can also contact to communicate with a national staff member.

We equip and empower more college Christian men to live faithfully and lead courageously.
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