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BYX men make a difference on campus.


BYX (pronounced “Bucs”) is a national fraternity and member of the North American Interfraternity Council (IFC). We have a proven track record of developing campus and community leaders, with more than 2,200 collegiate members at nearly 40 chapters and 8,500+ alumni nationwide. Through our priorities of Spiritual Growth, Selfless Leadership, and Social Connection, we exist to equip and empower college Christian men to live faithfully and lead courageously.

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Spiritual Growth

BYX men abide by a strong set of values, including putting their faith first, acting with courage, modeling excellence, strengthening one another and showing up authentically — all qualities needed in today’s classrooms, workplaces and communities.

BYX men grow spiritually through:

• Weekly bible study

• Church attendance

• Big and little mentorship

• Prayer & worship events

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Social Connections

While BYX shares the many social benefits of other fraternities — like events, parties and a platform for young men to forge lifelong friendships — we do so without the influence of alcohol.

BYX men connect to others through:

• Living daily life together

• Parties, socials, mixers and formals

• Retreats

• Alumni membership and events

• Service and philanthropic activities

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Selfless Leadership

BYX members are actively engaged across campus — from student government and homecoming court to academic honor societies. This isn’t surprising since national research shows that nearly half of fraternity members serve in other campus leadership roles.

BYX men regularly hold leadership positions in:

• Their chapter (officer positions)

• Student government

• Campus ministries (like CRU & YoungLife)

You're likely to hear BYX called a "Christian fraternity," but what does this mean (and not mean)?

Think of BYX as a social fraternity where every member loves God and sets himself to the highest standard of integrity, accountability and authenticity. All three of our pillars help college men become better students, be more involved as community members, and develop valuable skills for future employers. Although BYX offers many opportunities for spiritual growth, we’re not a campus ministry. We complement these campus organizations and encourage BYX members to be active in them.

Research consistently shows that more religious students who are regularly engaged in a community like BYX:

Earn better grades than less religious peers
Are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree
Experience stronger mental health and are more satisfied with their personal lives
Report being happier and more civically engaged
Are active in at least one other nonreligious voluntary organization as adults (+58%)

Expansion Process

In 1985, a handful of Christian men at The University of Texas were looking for a fraternity experience that didn’t exist on campus—one where they could develop lifelong friendships in a fun, social environment but also explore and deepen their faith together. This group founded Beta Upsilon Chi and the first official expansion took place at TCU in 1989. Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 40 campuses spanning 15 states and have built an expansion team and processes. Our expansion team and process aims to both thoroughly evaluate and comprehensively equip new campuses to preserve the integrity of what Beta Upsilon Chi stands for.


Vision Casting

The interested party and the BYX National Staff get to know each other and evaluate the potential for success in working together.


Foundation Setting

If the conclusion of Phase 1 is that this is the right campus for a BYX chapter, Phase 2 will begin. In this phase, a relationship is formed with the university, and a local BYX culture is built.


Culture Building

A consistently meeting and growing interest group is evaluated to ultimately gain approval from the BYX National Staff and their campus’s administration.


Expansion Week

A high-functioning interest group with campus approval receives a weeklong in-person training program that culminates in the formal initiation of a new BYX Colony.


Chapter Chartership

If a colony has exemplified the identity of BYX and consistently grown in excellence over a set period of time, they are formally designated as a Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi.

Next Steps

If you are interested in bringing BYX to your campus, please contact us using the link below!
“Ever since Beta Upsilon Chi has been on our campus… I have seen it become a catalyst for siblinghood among members and non-members, men and women, and Christians and non-Christians alike, to come together in the spirit of values-based community and fellowship.”