We Show Up Authentically: UGA Worship Night Story

University of Georgia, Spring 2024 — Just months into the new year a freshman student committed suicide. He was a member of another fraternity and a friend of several BYX members. Less than 24 hours later, the homicide of a sorority member further shocked the campus.

Both tragedies occurring in 48 hours prompted many students to stay in, while others left for home.

The BYX Pi Chapter already had a worship night scheduled for the Thursday night of that same week of these tragedies.

Landon Koby, President of the BYX Pi Chapter, reflected on their decision to continue with the worship event:

“With all that had happened, we knew this would no longer be the case and it could be an opportunity to comfort, encourage, and impact a lot of people. That afternoon was spent hanging signs, inviting as many people as we could, and preparing young men to step up and lead in a way that would glorify the Lord in front of far more people than expected.

Over 700 people from all over the campus gathered on the lawn of the BYX house that evening. Worship singing went on for hours, a message of hope in Jesus Christ was delivered by a BYX member, and the brotherhood prayed for many in attendance that were hurting, including some grieving members of a fellow fraternity.

Koby reflected on the impact of the event to his peers on campus:

“Because of the Lord’s timing we were able to bring together people from all walks of life, various levels of belief and disbelief, and just worship the Lord. The Lord is working in our generation, and is using BYX men to show Himself to others as we strive to glorify Him daily.

The Lord worked through BYX that night and beyond to show His presence and faithfulness to many hurting and hopeless. Prayer continued for days after the worship night as the brothers sensed the Lord moving.

BYX was there to point hundreds of grieving students to the God of hope and healing. As thousands of BYX men before them have done and continue to do, they ministered in a context where few others can. This is just one story. BYX worship nights continue across 36 campuses where Beta Upsilon Chi men live faithfully and lead courageously.